Each installment of the Detroit Fringe Festival, audience members, and jury are proud to recognize works of excellence performed during the festival - Honorable Mentions, Awards and even Artist Residencies.



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Jury's Choice Award: One Single Rose, "Love to Love YOU, Baby"
Audience Choice Award: Collette Cullen, "Recollecting '67, A Story of Race, Rebellion and Reunion"

Best "Scoreytelling" Award: Molly Jones, "After Heaven Static"



Jury's Choice Award: Sasha Vulovic, "In The Shadows"

Audience Choice Award: Spinning Dot Theatre Teen Apprentice Company, "The Underground Library"

Honorable Mentions - Best Ensemble: The Cast of "Pearls of Wisdom"
Residency Award: Marcela Torres, "No Contest", received a free week-long residency at Light Box to work on a project of her choosing!


Jury’s Choice Award: “Good Morning Miriam” written by Jackie Priskorn, directed by Casey Hibbert

Audience Choice Award: “Woman Vs. Internet” by Paige Vanzo, directed by Hannah Kelley-Niece

Honorable Mentions:
Best Actor/Actress: Kez Settle & Phil Hughes in “Deer Crossing”
Most Innovative Work: “Discreet Pleasures” by Katie Grace McGowan and Dave Toorongian
Best Musical Style & Performance Energy: Kelly Salaam & DJ Smoove in “Kelly D’s Dance Party”


Audience Choice Award: “Scene in Black and White” by Maureen Paraventi, directed by Kennikki Jones-Jones

Jury’s Choice Award: "Waking Up Alive" by Morgan Breon

Honorable Mentions:
Best Actor: Ryan McCurdy “Greencard Wedding”
Best Actress: Aubrey Fink “Love Stinks”
Best Director: Casey Hibbert “In Dreams”
Most Unique Style: “Is This Seat Taken?” by Brad Sytsma
Most Innovative Piece: “Block Party” by Kennikki Jones-Jones